Return Policy

We guarantee our audio, videos, and books to be free of defects and we are happy to replace any defective products. However, if you need a replacement for any of our products that are published by Sounds True, you must contact Sounds True, Inc. directly at 1-800-333-9185

Is Your Disc Skipping? The vast majority of calls and emails we receive are about a skipping disc. Here is a fast remedy. Turn the CD over and spray water or glass cleaner on the recorded side (bottom or unprinted side) and wipe away any fingerprints or smudges with a soft cloth. Sometimes when the discs are packaged or when they are put into the player, a fingerprint inadvertently gets on the underside of the disc. It only takes a little smudge or bit of dust to make the disc skip. CDs are recorded from the center outward to the edge, so when the skip occurs near the end it usually is a fingerprint, as that is where they are touched the most. So, spray and wipe before contacting us. If it still skips, call 520-886-1700 or toll-free 866-506-1700 or email and we will ship a replacement to you pronto. Again, if you need a replacement for any of our products that are published by Sounds True Inc, then you must contact them directly at 1-800-333-9185 as they own the rights and products that we purchase from them and sell to our customers.

We do our best to provide adequate descriptions of our products and expect our customers to choose the items that best fit their needs. Occasionally, there is a special situation and we will happily evaluate this on an individual basis and welcome your call or e-mail in that regard.

We love having very happy customers!