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Current audios that are available for download... A work-in-progress as we prepare to make all titles downloadable. 

NOTE for APPLE USERS: Apple IOS devices (iPhone & iPad) will only download from purchases at the ITunes Store.  Please use Apple desktop and/or laptop to download and save these audio files.  You can purchase audios with you iPhone or iPad and then download from your account here with an Apple desktop or laptop.  PC or non-Apple phones, tablets, and computers have no problem.    

If you live outside the USA, you have to use a USA address to create the order for the free downloads.  Feel free to use my address... this is for FREE DOWNLOADS ONLY.

Dr. G. 5215 N. Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson, AZ, USA 85750

FREE DOWNLOAD - Remember Your Dreams was recorded for my wife, Joy.  She was telling me that she has been dreaming more lately, but not remembering the content of the dreams as much as she would like.  We know that dreams and dream sleep is an important part of our sleep experience.  We lay down for a nap today (August 2 2014) and I turned on my h... (Read More)

Welcome Home, Soldier... is a 24-minute guided meditation to help those returning from military deployments in dangerous and stressful places.  This is a tool for your toolbox of skills to reconnect with feeling safe and secure at home, to make easier and more rapid adjustment home, and to feel safe feeling safe again.  When on ... (Read More)

Relieve Holiday Stress is a free audio download.

This 16-minute guided imagery meditation creates several subconscious signals and cues that will insulate you from the negative aspects of the holidays, and instead, give you the power to choose comfort, peace and joy in any holiday situation.  Although holidays began as "Holy-Days", they have evolved into som... (Read More)

FREE DOWNLOAD - What Hypnosis Feels Like was recorded to provide newcomers with a brief experience of hypnosis.  This audio uses an eye-fixation hypnotic induction method. All hypnotic induction techniques are simply "starting points" of focusing your attention to begin the process of being focused and absorbed within yourself.

(Read More)