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Self-hypnosis to improve relationships and social confidence.

"Dating and Social Comfort" soothingly guides you into hypnosis to offer subconscious messages for confidence, comfort, and relaxation to replace anxiety about dating and social interactions. It teaches your mind-body a "cue" that you can use to signal a relaxation response during any social interaction or social environment. "Dating and Social Comfort" is designed to help you feel relax... (Read More)

"Erectile Function" provides mind-body communication through hypnotic suggestions to stimulate and retrain the physiological responses for penile erection. The physiology and psychology of erection are woven within the hypnotic suggestions and offered to the subconscious mind, "the mind of the body", while in a trance state. Hypnotic suggestions for removing psychological barriers for er... (Read More)

Healing from the self-punishing emotion of guilt is liberating and restores self worth. Whether the guilt is a result of harsh judgement, unfortunate outcomes, or tragic circumstances... it is an emotion that robs one of feeling "good enough" to accept the love and self-worth each person deserves. This CD was made specifically for individuals that have long suffered from the effects of g... (Read More)

Hypnosis House Call: A Complete Course in Mind-Body Healing 
(Book + 2-Hour DVD)

The body-mind connection is increasingly recognized across the medical field, and hypnosis has become a prominent clinical tool for easing chronic pain, relieving stress, dealing with sleep disorders, surgery and recovery, and many medical, psychological, and behavioral con... (Read More)

Welcome Home, Soldier... is a 24-minute guided meditation to help those returning from military deployments in dangerous and stressful places.  This is a tool for your toolbox of skills to reconnect with feeling safe and secure at home, to make easier and more rapid adjustment home, and to feel safe feeling safe again.  When on ... (Read More)