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FREE DOWNLOAD - What Hypnosis Feels Like was recorded to provide newcomers with a brief experience of hypnosis.  This audio uses an eye-fixation hypnotic induction method. All hypnotic induction techniques are simply "starting points" of focusing your attention to begin the process of being focused and absorbed within yourself.

Do not listen to this while driving or doing other activites that would be unsafe.

Dr. G.

Please read the information below... especially Apple product users and internatioinal customers.

CANADIANS (and other international addresses): put in a USA "Ship To" address or use a USA address and this should go through for the download to your email address.  That is, use a USA address in the state and zip fields and your download should work.  This works for the free downloads.  Just make sure the USA state and zipcode match. If you like, you can use my address: 5215 N. Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson, AZ 85750

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SPECIAL NOTICE FOR APPLE IPHONE AND IPAD USERS: Apple Compny has designed their iPhone and iPads so that they will only save downloads that come from their Apple iTunes store. So, unless you purchase something from iTunes, all other downloads to these devices with play or stream one time, but will not save the audio file. If you use an Apple laptop or desktop there is not problem... only Apple IOS devices.

Not always, but sometimes, the download software may require that you create a password to retrieve your order, whether it has a cost or is free, as in the case of this free download.  So, remember your password so that you can access the download link from my websiter or your online receipt link.  I wish I could make it easier, but this is only way I could find to do it through my website.



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