Healing Mind: Healing Body

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"Healing Mind: Healing Body" is a very special audio, and it is our best-selling title. It performs a deeper healing of wounds that may have occurred out of stresses experienced minutes ago to years ago.

Our life experiences are a collection of emotional reactions (good and not-so-good) that influence patterns of behavior and body conditioning. Every experience we collect on this road of life has an emotional and physical impact upon our mind and our body.

Our body accumulates a form of learning (called "conditioning") that subconsciously replays a pattern of stress-induced responses over and over again, without our conscious awareness of where and why our body learned to do this. For example, we might develop headaches, GI symptoms, asthma, skin reactions, anxiety, etc, because of situations and circumstances that were (or are) beyond our control. As we handle those stressful or emotional events, we do our best to put those stresses "out of mind", but that does not necessarily put them "out of body." In fact, our body will remember its response to those stresses until we un-learn the response by re-learning something healthier and more comfortable.

"Healing Mind: Healing Body" does just that, guiding you into a lovely trance and refreshing relaxation response, wherein the re-learning of the healthy responses occur. The negative patterns are erased, replaced by the positive experience of comfort and new learning for healthy and comfortable performance. This is a great audio for reducing and replacing stress responses, and also as a wonderful insulation to protect against the effects of stress. I am proud of this audio. Note: It runs longer than most of my other programs, at about 45 minutes. Highly Recommended.

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by Anonymous on April 3, 2017

I recommend Dr. G CD to all of my patients. I use it also for all my family and co-workers!

by Anonymous on June 25, 2015

Dr. G's healing CD's are worth more to me than any medication any doctor has ever given me for pain relief of osteoarthritis (or any other malfunction I have encountered). I am once again using this CD after having gone for a number of years of relatively good health. Now, at age 60, the natural aging process is bringing about some temporary discomfort in my back. I say, "temporary" because Dr. G's CD's WILL relieve that pain if you use them faithfully. Thank you, Dr. G, for not leaving us out here to rely only on RX medications. Also, bless you for having the mindset to study this amazing mind/body connection and pass your wealth of knowledge on to us!

by Anonymous on March 9, 2014

This was the first CD I used . I still love it and feel it is one of the best hypnosis CDs. Good for now and good for what might need healing from years ago.

by Anonymous on March 8, 2014

I love all of the Dr. G hypnosis CDs I've purchased, but this one is my absolute favorite. You don't even need to know what's wrong, and it will help fix it. I forgot I had the CD (I'm a hypnotist myself) and was suffering for a number of days from a concussion and couldn't get out of bed, read, or take any medication for the pain. I decided to put this CD on while I slept and when I woke up, all the concussion pain was gone and I was completely better. Wow! I also recommend Dr. G's products to MY clients, because Dr. G is the best of the best. Wonderful!

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