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Relieve Holiday Stress is a free audio download.

This 16-minute guided imagery meditation creates several subconscious signals and cues that will insulate you from the negative aspects of the holidays, and instead, give you the power to choose comfort, peace and joy in any holiday situation.  Although holidays began as "Holy-Days", they have evolved into something that would now be unrecognizable by the ancients.  Using the power of your conscious and subconscious mind and imagination, you can create signals and cues that buffer the stress, transform it, and let you choose the feelings you want to enjoy.  Created and recorded by Dr. Steven Gurgevich it is designed to let you "Stress the Joy" of the holidays instead of being stressed by the holiday experience.

All instructions are included in the audio.  And be sure to share it with your friends... so they can join you in making the holidays joyful.  Enjoy your Holidays... Dr. Steven Gurgevich

CANADIANS (and other international addresses): put in a USA "Ship To" address or use a USA address and this should go through for the download to your email address.  That is, use a USA address in the state and zip fields and your download should work.  This works for the free downloads.  Just make sure the USA state and zipcode match. If you like, you can use my address: 5215 N. Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson, AZ 85750

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Not always, but sometimes, the download software may require that you create a password to retrieve your order, whether it has a cost or is free, as in the case of this free download.  So, remember your password so that you can access the download link from my websiter or your online receipt link.  I wish I could make it easier, but this is only way I could find to do it through my website.


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