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Self-hypnosis to overcome unhealthy habits, dependency and addictions.

"Dr. Gurgevich's Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Remove Tobacco Addiction" contains two powerful formulas to help you quit cigarettes and tobacco once and for all. This 2-CD set gives you proven behavioral tools and potent hypnotic trancework to first, prepare you to quit... and second, to successfully quit.

As you are guided to make small and comfortable behavioral changes that set th... (Read More)

"Sugar/Candy Habit" provides hypnotic suggestions to your subconscious mind to do the "inner work" in removing a craving for sugar and candy. It was originally created for patients who were referred by dentists because their sugar/candy habit was detrimental to their teeth. It is also useful in removing excessive craving for sweets which cause other health and body conditions such as dia... (Read More)

Dr. Gurgevich can make you a custom audio recording of hypnosis.  To start this process, you will need to contact me at and explain what you have in mind.  I will reply to obtain more information from you about your custom application.  After you and I exchange enough i... (Read More)