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Anxiety and Stress

Self-hypnosis to overcome anxiety and reduce stress.

Promising news! The cause of your anxiety and its antidote are one and the same - the mind. With Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis, Dr. Steven Gurgevich shows you how to tap the power of your subconscious mind to overcome worry, nervousness, panic, and more. On Part One, Dr. Gurgevich explains the physiology of anxiety, and how to effectively use medical hypnosi... (Read More)

"Dating and Social Comfort" soothingly guides you into hypnosis to offer subconscious messages for confidence, comfort, and relaxation to replace anxiety about dating and social interactions. It teaches your mind-body a "cue" that you can use to signal a relaxation response during any social interaction or social environment. "Dating and Social Comfort" is designed to help you feel relax... (Read More)

Healing from the self-punishing emotion of guilt is liberating and restores self worth. Whether the guilt is a result of harsh judgement, unfortunate outcomes, or tragic circumstances... it is an emotion that robs one of feeling "good enough" to accept the love and self-worth each person deserves. This CD was made specifically for individuals that have long suffered from the effects of g... (Read More)

"Healing Mind: Healing Body" is a very special audio, and it is our best-selling title. It performs a deeper healing of wounds that may have occurred out of stresses experienced minutes ago to years ago.

Our life experiences are a collection of emotional reactions (good and not-so-good) that influence patterns of behavior and body conditioning. Every experience we collect on this... (Read More)

"Dr. G's Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Remove Phobias" uses medical hypnosis and behavioral methods of systematic desensitization to unlearn phobic anxiety. Hypnotic trancework teaches you how to achieve a relaxing state of trance. The relaxation is reinforced with deepening methods and post-hypnotic suggestions to enhance your ability to remember the inner calm and peace you achieve in the ... (Read More)