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Health & Medical Conditions

Self-hypnosis for medical conditions and health.

This audio program is an application of medical hypnosis for individuals who have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (often called Lou Gehrig's disease). My friend and colleague, Dr. Andrew Weil, states, "Almost no condition is out of bounds when it comes to the effective use of hypnotherapy." ALS Comfort is a gentle guide into a relaxed state of trance, and offers hypnotic suggestions for he... (Read More)

Breath is life... and anything that constricts, restricts, or impinges upon breathing causes anxiety. "Asthma and Breathing" includes imagery and suggestions to relax the person, to relax the smooth-muscle lined airways, and to open the airways. This audio re-educates the mind-body responses to maintain open and clear airways, reduce anxiety, and relax into normal breathing patterns.

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"Back Pain Comfort & Healing" is intended for the individual with back pain, recovery from back injury or surgery, and tension that accumulates in the back as a result of stress. The hypnotic inductions gently guide you into the center of your self, progressively relaxing muscles and nerves, and promoting a deep sense of inner calm. With repeated use, you learn how to do your self-hy... (Read More)

Anyone that has experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI), or has a family memeber recovering from TBI knows the depth of frustration and stress this type of injury imposes. Often it is a time-intensive and energy intensive effort to recover cognitive abilities that were disturbed by the injury. And the process of recovery can be long and very frustrating. This audio was created for indiv... (Read More)

"Cancer Chemotherapy Support" provides comfort and support during chemotherapy (and other therapies) to treat cancer. Hypnotic suggestions are offered to strengthen the immune system, to alleviate anxiety and discomfort, and to develop a stronger ego in maintaining a positive outlook, attitude, and expectation toward healing and recovery. Having a diagnosis of cancer can be very frighten... (Read More)