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Self Improvement

Self-hypnosis to improve performance, skills and abilities.

This audio program is for the individual who wants to mentally prepare for their success in boot camp. The armed services boot camp experience can be as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging. "Boot Camp Success" is for the young person who wants to mentally rehearse with a positive "Can Do" attitude, while also learning the skills of mind-body relaxation. "Boot Camp Succes... (Read More)

This audio was created to help the 10 million Americans who suffer from depression each year. Information about depression, and methods to combat it, are offered to your conscious mind in an enlightening dialog on Track Two. You listen and give your approval to the ideas you find acceptable. Track Three is the trancework that offers these ideas to your subconscious mind through mood boos... (Read More)

"Dating and Social Comfort" soothingly guides you into hypnosis to offer subconscious messages for confidence, comfort, and relaxation to replace anxiety about dating and social interactions. It teaches your mind-body a "cue" that you can use to signal a relaxation response during any social interaction or social environment. "Dating and Social Comfort" is designed to help you feel relax... (Read More)

Healing from the self-punishing emotion of guilt is liberating and restores self worth. Whether the guilt is a result of harsh judgement, unfortunate outcomes, or tragic circumstances... it is an emotion that robs one of feeling "good enough" to accept the love and self-worth each person deserves. This CD was made specifically for individuals that have long suffered from the effects of g... (Read More)

"Musical Performance Success" is designed to relieve performance anxiety, and to enhance positive mental rehearsal for comfort during musical performance. It is for musicians and singers who want to train their bodies and nervous systems to remain comfortably relaxed and at ease during musical performance. It is a great confidence builder. This audio was, in part, a result of my collabor... (Read More)