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Women's Issues

Self-hypnosis to improve health and performance for women.

This audio was created to help the 10 million Americans who suffer from depression each year. Information about depression, and methods to combat it, are offered to your conscious mind in an enlightening dialog on Track Two. You listen and give your approval to the ideas you find acceptable. Track Three is the trancework that offers these ideas to your subconscious mind through mood boos... (Read More)

"Dating and Social Comfort" soothingly guides you into hypnosis to offer subconscious messages for confidence, comfort, and relaxation to replace anxiety about dating and social interactions. It teaches your mind-body a "cue" that you can use to signal a relaxation response during any social interaction or social environment. "Dating and Social Comfort" is designed to help you feel relax... (Read More)

"Fertility Booster" helps women who are experiencing difficulties or complications in their efforts to conceive a baby. Oftentimes they have had prior pregnancies, in-vitro fertilization, fertility treatments, lengthy delays between pregnancies, and still have had problems conceiving or losing the baby. The emotional strain is horrendous, and it can be both discouraging and frightening t... (Read More)

It is estimated that 20-50 % of all women have fibroids, which are benign tumors of the uterus. They may grow on or within the uterine wall or in the uterine cavity. Christiane Northrup, MD, (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom) and Caroline Myss, PhD, feel that fibroid tumors represent a woman's unborn or suppressed "creativity" that accumulates through life and relationships. Although most ... (Read More)

"Pregnancy and Childbirth" is for the expectant mother who wants to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and birthing with mind-body-baby communications. This is the process Dr. Andrew Weil writes about in Spontaneous Healing (page 97). When I worked with his wife, Sabina, she used medical hypnosis to overcome a past problem associated with labor/delivery to enjoy the birth of their daughter, D... (Read More)