Dr. Steven Gurgevich – Private Practice

Welcome to Dr. Gurgevich’s practice at Behavioral Medicine, Ltd. Our former practice, Sabino Canyon Integrative Medicine, LLC, has now been merged into Behavioral Medicine, Ltd.

We are located at 5215 N. Sabino Canyon Road, approximately 4 tenths of a mile south of Sabino Canyon National Park on Sabino Canyon Road between Sunrise Drive and Snyder Road. You can view the map for directions to our office.

Appointments, directions and questions are welcome at (520) 886-1700

Hours of Operation

Our hours are by appointment from 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday. When necessary, Dr. G. still makes house calls.

Chemical Sensitivity Notice: We see many people who have chemical sensitivities. Therefore, we kindly request our visitors to please do not use perfumes, aftershaves, body sprays, colognes, etc.

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Dr. Steven Gurgevich, PhD
5215 N Sabino Canyon Rd
Tucson, AZ 85750

(520) 886-1700

Dr Steven Gurgevich Office at Sabino Executive Suites in Tucson AZ

Pricing and Fees

Visits with Dr. Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D., for mind-body medicine are billed at $200 per hour:

  • Initial visit (1½ to 2 hours) $300 to $400
  • Follow-up (1 hour) $200
  • Follow-up (1/2 hour) $100
  • Home Visits by special appt. Call 520-886-1700 for more information.
  • Smoking Cessation Program (3 days in a row plus 1-2 week follow-up) $1,500. We recommend our very economical audio program to start, as many individuals do not need the office sessions after using it. Learn More About Dr. G’s Smoking Cessation Audio Program.

Visits with Joy Gurgevich

Joy's Behavioral Nutrition website: www.Behavioral-Nutrition.com

Fees for visits with Joy Gurgevich, for behavioral nutrition:

  • Initial visit ( 1 ½ hours) $125.00
  • Follow-up (1 hour) $90.00
  • Home visit (1 hour) $100.00

Payment for Services

Please note that your bill for services will be payable at time of service to Behavioral Medicine, Ltd.

We do accept Visa, Master Charge, Discover, and American Express, Cash or Checks.

Insurance Information

We DO NOT participate with any insurance plans or Medicare. You will receive a receipt that has all of the information you will need to submit your own insurance claim to your health plan yourself (excepting Medicare).

A Medicare claim CANNOT be submitted for these visits as Dr. Gurgevich has "opted out" of Medicare at this time.

We are happy to address any questions you may have when you call to make your appointment.

To download or listen to an audio message by Dr. Gurgevich about your initial visit please click the MP3 file:.

We look forward to meeting you!

Steven Gurgevich PhD